The Gulf Coast Regional Water and Wastewater Program identifies the water, wastewater, and storm water infrastructure needs of the six Gulf Region counties of Hancock, Harrison, George, Jackson, Pearl River and Stone and provides infrastructure for long-term growth and recovery in these counties.

On August 31, 2006, HUD approved an initial $33,075,000 for emergency grants and the development of a Master Plan to determine the needs for water, wastewater and storm water infrastructure in the six coastal counties. HUD has approved an additional $608,000,000 for the implementation of the master plan. A total of $641,075,000 has been allocated to this program.

Program Status:  On-going


Amendment 2 - Partial Action Plan Gulf Coast Regional Infrastructure Program - Master Plan & Emergency Grants
Amendment 2 - Modification #1 (Technical) Emergency Grant Clarifications
Amendment 2 - Modification #2 (Substantial) Additional Funding - Non-Emergency Grants
Initial Action Plan - 2nd Allocation Gulf Coast Regional Infrastructure Program - Additional Funding
Modification #11  HAP Funding Reallocation Public Comment Version
Modification #14 (Substantial) Gulf Coast Regional Infrastructure Program / HAP Funding Reallocation
Modification #15 Funding Reallocation
Modification #17 (Substantial) Program Funding Allocation
Amendment 4 Modification #5 (Non-Substantial) Funding Reallocation
Amendment 2 - Modification #3 (Substantial) English Spanish Vietnamese Program Funding Reallocation - The public comment period opened on October 14, 2016, and closed on October 28, 2016.
Modification 22 (Substantial) Funding Reallocation
Modification 22 (Substantial) Spanish Funding Reallocation
Modification 22 (Substantial) Vietnamese Funding Reallocation