Working in conjunction with local housing authorities in Harrison, Hancock and Jackson counties, the State of Mississippi allocated $101 million in federally-appropriated Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding to restore public housing stock which was damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.  More than 90 percent of the nearly 2,700 public housing units operated by these five authorities were damaged in the hurricane, and approximately 10 percent of these units were totally destroyed.

Public Housing is for low to very low income residents who are in critical need of safe and decent housing yet unable to obtain decent housing without assistance.

Program Status:  Complete

Amendment 1 - Partial Action Plan Public Housing
Amendment 1 - Modification #1 (Technical) Clarification of Funding for Predevelopment Activities
Amendment 1 Modification #2 (Technical Modification to change income threshold for eligibility
Amendment 1 Modification #3 (Technical) Additional Funding and Modification to National Objective
Amendment 1 Modification #4 (Substantial) Funding Reallocation
Modification #17 (Substantial) Program Funding Allocation
Amendment 4 Modification #5 (Non-Substantial) Funding Reallocation
Amendment 6 Modification #5 (Substantial) English Spanish Vietnamese Funding Reallocation
Amendment 4 Modification #8 (Technical) Funding Reallocation
Amendment 4 Modification #8 (Substantial) Funding Reallocation
Modification #20 (Technical, Non-Substantial)  Program Funding Reallocation