The Port of Gulfport Restoration Program provides funding to the Mississippi State Port Authority to facilitate the restoration of the Port of Gulfport’s public infrastructure and its publicly owned facilities that were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. This program also provides for the long-term recovery of the operating capacity of the Port and is designed to increase the labor force on the Mississippi Gulf Coast by creating and returning jobs in the region, with an emphasis on low- to moderate-income jobs.

Program Status: On-going


Amendment 5 - Partial Action Plan (Final) Port of Gulfport Restoration
Amendment 5 Modification #1 (Substantial) Final Version Adjustment to Master Plan
Amendment 5 Modification #2 (Substantial) Reserve Fund for NHP
Amendment 5 Modification #4 (Substantial)
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Program Funding Reallocation
Modification #11  HAP Funding Reallocation Public Comment Version
Modification #17 (Substantial) Funding Allocation
Amendment 6 Modification #5 (Non-Substantial) Funding Reallocation
Amendment 6 Modification #6 (Technical) English Spanish Vietnamese Funding Reallocation
Amendment 5 Modification #11 (Substantial) English Spanish Vietnamese  Funding Reallocation