The Neighborhood Home Program was created to further assure that all previously unmet housing needs are identified for evaluation and eligibility.  This outreach effort will be carried out within Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, Pearl River, Stone, George, Lamar, Forrest and Jones Counties only. Eligible households under the “Neighborhood Home Program” may have previously received assistance from other sources which was either inadequate to address and/or was not intended to address housing needs.

Neighborhood Home Program – Repair Guidebook v.1.2

NHP Repair Guidebook v.1.2 – Clarification Regarding Income Eligibility and Property Ownership

NHP Repair Guidebook v.1.2 – Clarification Regarding Insurance Requirements for Eligibility



April 23, 2013

Amendment 6 Substantial Modification 5 Program Funding Reallocation



Clarification of Non-substantial Modification May 30, 2012

Non Substantial Modification September 30, 2011