The Small Rental Property Assistance Program provides loans to owners of small rental properties on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in order to assure these property owners provide affordable rental housing in the counties most affected by Hurricane Katrina. The funds allocated for this program will help in the repair, rehabilitation, and reconstruction of the affordable housing stock in the areas most impacted by the storm.


Program Status:  On-going

Initial Action Plan  
Amendment 1 - Partial Action Plan (2nd Alloc) (English) (Spanish) (Vietnamese Small Rental Assistance Program
Amendment 1 Modification #1 (Substantial) (2nd Alloc) Small Rental Assistance Program - Modification to Processes
Amendment 1 Modification #1 (Technical) (2nd Alloc) Small Rental Assistance Program - Clarification of Acceptable Use of Funds
Amendment 8 - Partial Action Plan Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Assistance Fund
Amendment 1 Modification #2 (Substantial) (2nd Alloc) (English) (Spanish) (Vietnamese) Neighborhood Rental Restoration Program Final Version
Amendment 1 Modification #2 (Technical) (2nd Alloc) Clarification of Amendment 1
Amendment 1 Modification #3 (Substantial) English Spanish Vietnamese Funding Reallocation
Modification #17 (Substantial) Program Funding Allocation
Amendment 6 Modification #5 (Substantial) Funding Reallocation
Amendment 4 Modification #8 (Technical) Funding Reallocation
Modification #20 (Technical, Non-Substantial Funding Reallocation